The Harver Group

The power of Harver is that we are taking a fresh look at people and organizations. We combine expertise in HR, psychology, assessments and Service & User experience design in a team.

The Harver Group SOLUTIONS

Control over their own Careers


Sustainable employability and labor are the center of attention in organizations in the Netherlands. Employees who continue to evolve and remains a main focus. Are your employees encouraged enough to develop? Do they have the means to take responsibility for their own career With Harver Mobility gives your employees the tools to take charge of their own development and careers.


Understanding and Overview of the talent in Organizations


The boat show will help you to understand the talent within your organization. Insight in a quick, structured and qualitative way The naval Harver can operate independently of your existing HR systems. Monitoring the progress of the chimney and signaling stagnation happen automatically. Your managers and employees can independently online and come to a full inspection report.


A total solution for Managing Talent


Workforce is managing talent in Inflow, develop ment, flow, and outflows

Source: http://www.harver.com/solutions/mobility