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Duraturf Product Group Harver Magnetic Induction

Product Description


This company imports an innovative hot water heating system, which utilises Magnetic Induction for heating water. Currently this is available in 30L, 50L and 75L capacity, and is ideal for numerous application where hot water is required. The fact that it can be plugged into any power source with a 15amp plug makes it ideal as a portable unit for camper’s, or construction sites. The other advantage is that it used less power to heat water than a conventional geyser, and the heating time is a lot quicker.


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Product Information


  • NRCS Certified - SANS 60335-2-21
  • Eskom Tested
  • 3 Year Warranty on manufacture and material defects.
  • There is no direct alternating current in close proximity to the water, which makes the unit safe.
  • New electronic temperature sensing technology is more accurate.
  • Multiple protection measures in place.
  1. Dry Brun
  2. Overheat Protection
  3. Low/High Voltage
  • Surge Protection
  • Safety T/P & Pressure valves supplied.
  • Easy to install - Saves space.
  • Only requires 15 AMP wall plug.


Cost Saving


The cost to heat 30 litres from ambient 16' to 65' is a total of R1.88. To heat a conventional 150l geyser from 16' to 65' takes aproximately two and a half hours and uses 8.78kw of electricity in the process, a cost of R11.88. To heat the same amount of water with the Harver will take approximately 1.5 hours and use 3kw of electricity.


How it works


Using a magnetic induction process the water is heated more rapidly than conventional water geysers. The electrical supply to the generator in the unit is converted into a magnetic field which heats the water. This is done by using the magnetic field to induce a resistive current in the tank, which in turn heats the whole tank wall. This then heats the water more rapidly than a conventional water heater. The unit also includes a high density thermal layer, to sustain the water temperature.



Shower Heating Test


Bath Heating Test